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Rudolphe 3000 Suspension Sled

NEW Make baby's first winter baby's best winter. This classic sled with a modern twist will have baby sliding in style

Rudolphe 1000 Toboggan

NEW Remember sliding as a kid? Create great family memories for years to come with this incredibly durable toboggan.


Chair leg covers for school furniture that are easy to apply and incredibly durable. With over 10 million units sold to date across North America, Europe and Australia, Flexi-Felt is our top seller. 

Flexi-Felt Clear®

Chair leg covers for home use—a durable solution for floor protection.

Flexi-Felt Pads®

The soft and resistant wool blend felt used in other Flexi-Felt products is now available in a pad format. High quality adhesive included.

Flexi-Felt Ultimate®

The newest and increased durability model of our industrial line of floor protectors. Flexi-Felt Ultimate comes with a lifetime warranty.


Our patented heat shrink Caster-Cover offer a much better solution to protect your floor and reduce noise. You no longer need to buy cumbersome floor mats, we have you covered.

Corner Clamps

A transparent, soft solution to dangerous furniture corners. Corner Clamps are washable and come with non-damaging adhesives.

Soft Furniture Protectors

Made with 100% pure Merino wool felt, our coasters and placemats offer soft, elegant protection. Available in a variety of colors.

Hands Free Door Opener

A low cost way to prevent the spread of germs from restroom door handles.


Environmentally friendly shelving units that maximize storage space in your locker, your closet or cupboards. EcoShelf is extremely durable and can be assembled in seconds without tools or hardware. 5 year warranty.

Silver Mop Pro

A soft, environmentally friendly mop that allows you to reduce the amount of cleaner you use on your floors by 80%. The Silver Mop Pro pads are made of microfibers and are machine washable and reusable. Commercial quality at a residential price.