Pierre, the inventor of the Flexi-Felt

As an inventor of floor protectors I’ve had to learn quite a lot about different types of flooring and floor finishes in order to create the best felt floor protection on the market.  For almost a decade now I have been dealing with various floor manufacturers to keep up to date with new materials and styles.  I have also dealt with many furniture manufacturers to make sure our product line remains compatible with the new types of furniture footings coming out every year.  

I’ve done extensive testing on everything from swivel type classroom chairs on VCT flooring, to cafeteria sled base chairs on ceramic tiles, to oak furniture on maple hardwood floors and everything in between. 

Through our valued distributors I have gained expert knowledge on floor finishes and cleaning as well.  Whether you are dealing with commercial or residential flooring I can help.

If you have an issue with regards to floor protection, I am pretty sure I can help.  Please do not hesitate and send me your questions at thefloorexpert@flexifelt.com

I’m here to help you.


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