Moving into a Dorm Room or Apartment

Going back to university or college requires a number of preparations. The biggest one is probably moving into either a dorm room or apartment on or near campus. It often entails getting and moving furniture as well as all the stuff that you’ll need throughout the school year. Many places ask for a security deposit to ensure that if they don’t get back the accommodations in the same condition as when they rented it out to you, they’ll keep the security deposit. One way to make sure that you get that deposit back requires only a small investment in floor protection. Adhesive felt pads can be used on the bottom of all the furniture being placed on the floor, but if you are also placing heavy objects or things that could scratch the surface of counter tops etc. the adhesive felt pads can protect those too.

Moving Kit

Flexi-Felt has a moving kit available that has various sizes of adhesive felt pads. The moving kit has 12 sets of D5007 (96 of the 15/16” square pads), 2 D5006 3” x 3” pads, 2 strips of D5004 ¾” x 4” pads, 1 D5003 (10 of the ¾” pads) and 1 D5001 (4 of the 1.5” pads). With these various shapes and sizes, you can cover most of the furniture that you may need to do to protect your floors. Right now, the moving kit is on sale at the amazing price of $27.29. You can buy it with an over 37% savings. Regular $43.41.

Silver Mop Pro Special Cleaning Kit

Don’t forget a cleaning kit that can be used not only before you move in but all year round. The Silver Mop Pro with its two types of pads can clean floors walls, ceilings and more. The pads can be washed in the washing machine, let to air dry, and can be re-used over and over again. The Clear Clean Pro floor cleaner is great for wood surfaces but can also be used on other surfaces and is environmentally friendly. Flexi-Felt have a cleaning kit that is currently on special. This kit comes with a 16.5″ (42cm) Silver Mop Pro, 5 pads (3 soft for light cleaning and dusting and 2 for heavier cleaning), a 32oz (946ml) spray bottle of Clear Clean Pro and a 32oz of concentrate Clear Clean Pro that makes 8 additional bottles.  The special cleaning kit was especially put together for those moving and it’s a great value at $59.98 (over $82 of product in the kit).

Also, don’t forget things like hand towels and cloths for cleaning and wiping down such as cloth chamois. IEG, creators of the Flexi-Felt’s, also sells these products and they are on sale right now

Be prepared for  moving day with floor protectors and a cleaning kit of mop, mop pads and floor cleaner with refills.  See them all as well as colorful absorbent hand towels and cloth chamois at

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  1. There are cleaners that you can use to wash wood floors and not have to rinse them. If you are concerned or find that they leave a residue then certainly rinse them by passing a damp mop or cloth over the wood floor – not wet as it can damage the wood floor.

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