Is Your Deck or Patio Being Damaged by Patio Furniture?

Now that our outdoors are our new living spaces for the summer, we find that we use them more and more than our interior spaces. Many people are discovering that with this additional usage, their patio furniture is starting to damage their decks or patios. This can lead to costly repairs and flooring or decking that can quickly look bad.

Model D6050 for Narrow Rectangular Chair Legs

Products such as the Flexi-Felt model D6050 was designed and made specifically for the newer outdoor furniture with narrow legs that are ½” x 1-1/2”. They are a plastic piece with felt on the bottom that just slips onto the bottom of these types of furniture chair legs. A durable, easy solution for rectangular, narrow furniture legs.

A Variety of Brown Adhesive Felt Pads

For other types of furniture legs there is a whole range of adhesive felt pads that can be used as is or cut to any style of furniture foot. Since Flexi-Felt’s manufacturing process puts the glue in the felt as well as on the surface, the felt will not separate from the glue when it’s wet. It just won’t slide as easily across the floor. Once dry, it will again slide easily across the floor.

There are many floor protection products on the market, but many cannot be used outdoors because they cannot be exposed to moisture. Remember Flexi-Felt when you are shopping for quality floor protection that can be used outdoors.

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