Flooring Trends

Some of you may be salvaging your wood floor that’s been under carpet for years or installing one of the many new flooring products. The trend this year is to install pine or bamboo floors. Whether it’s wide planks, narrow planks or anything in between, you’ll find that these soft woods will indent and scratch more easily than some of the harder woods or laminates. Once your new floor is installed you must make sure that you’re protecting your investment. How do you do this?

Do an inventory of the furniture you plan on placing on the floor and determine how often it’ll be moved. What type of material and how big of a surface will be sitting on the floor? If it’s a round sold base that you never plan on moving then you can probably just place it on the floor. However, if it has small plastic feet or you plan on moving it on a regular basis then you should consider floor protection. Does your sofa, couch, love seat or armchair have small legs? Will it be moved or stay in one place for a long time? Do you have teenage kids or people who tend to throw themselves on the furniture rather than sit on it? If you don’t want the furniture to move consider floor protection that is also grippers. This will prevent the furniture from moving and hitting the wall and possibly damaging it. For anything that will move get quality floor protection that you won’t have to constantly replace.

If you have ceramic floors or are living in a condo, floor protection is also necessary to cut down on the noise produced from moving furniture. There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a program or talk and especially sleep and be disturbed by moving furniture. Putting floor protection on your furniture ensures that your family, and in the case of a condo, neighbors will be happy with you.

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