IEG the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors are at it again with their innovation of wonderful new products. IEG just introduced the Ice Rink Kit that’s designed to be easy to build and install, easy to take down, and small enough that storage is not a concern. They created this kit so it’s easy enough for one person to install – you won’t need to buy expensive 2×4 wood beams, or other various supplies, as everything comes in the kit.

The rink boards are made of flexible, but strong impact-resistant bulletproof glass which makes them slap shot proof. They won’t break! IEG staff had a lot of fun testing a kit and can safely say that their rinks are great for any type of outdoor ice activity. From figure skating to ringette, speed skating and hockey, these rinks can withstand literally anything you can throw at them.

The magic of the Ice Rink Kits is that they can be configured into any shape or size you choose. The standard kit has enough boards to build a 12’ by 16’ beginner rink, however you are not limited to a rectangular shape. If you have a large backyard, with some trees, consider building a skating path, or an oblong shape. You have the freedom to make this backyard ice rink any shape you choose! You can also buy more kits to create a larger rink – for example, with 3 kits you can make a 36’ by 54’ rink.

IEG also wanted to consider your grass when building your ice rink. Most DIY backyard ice rink kits, advise you to use a tarp, which can kill your grass, is difficult to clean, and requires a lot of space to store. These ice rink kits don’t use a liner, so in the spring you can carry on using your backyard without worrying about your lawn.

Each board is secured into the ground with easy to install spikes. Combined with layering and freezing the ice, your rink will remain in place until the temperature rises.

Last thing to mention is that it has a 3 year warranty. What a wonderful, innovated solution to make the coming winter fun for the whole family.

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