Halloween and Protection

The parties are starting with Halloween this weekend and Thanksgiving in a few weeks. If you don’t have floor protection on your furniture or poor-quality floor protection that falls off or becomes flat in no time at all you need to protect your floors before they are damaged during these get togethers that we can finally have post Covid.

As many of you know, there are a lot of different floor protectors to choose from. The best solution is to find some that will last a long time. It’s no fun having to replace floor protectors after a party of after just a few weeks use. Who has the time to keep going to the store to buy more and to keep replacing them on the furniture?

Many have tried Flexi-Felt floor protectors and rave about them. Whether it’s the adhesive felt pads or the clear sleeves, the felt doesn’t go flat in a short time. If the adhesive felt pads are installed according to their directions, they must be cut off with box cutters when they finally wear down. How many pads with glue or double-sided tape can do that? The clear sleeves are guaranteed for one year when used in a home (not commercial usage), but some clients have reported them still being used after 5 years or longer.

Don’t wait for your floors to be damaged to get floor protection. Do it now and save thousands on floor repairs in the future.

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