Many manufacturers are having problems obtaining either raw materials or finished products. It ranges from wood to cardboard products including shipping boxes and everything in between. There is also a shortage of workers to do jobs that were filled prior to the Covid outbreak. Some have retired and others have changed jobs. Some businesses could not stay operational due to Covid lock downs. Sadly, they ran out of money and closed. All of these issues impacted material supplies resulting in material shortages in that there aren’t enough people to manufacture products. This is having a domino effect on many industries which in turn affects consumers.

Companies that have been in business for many years are showing “Out of Stock” on their website. They would rather not be showing that but instead be able to sell of their products to their clients. IEG, creators of Flexi-Felt floor protectors, EcoShelf locker organizer, manufacturer of sneeze guards and face shields has also been impacted and is showing out of stock on some of their floor protectors. The good news is that they finally received the raw material to fabricate the 6122’s, 6125’s and some of the 6128’s. Like many companies, they find it very frustrating to not be able to provide product when the client orders it.

Hopefully, the supply of material and labor shortages will sort itself out in the coming months so that product is available when ordered and that the costs associated with the shortages stabilizes and perhaps goes down.

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