Are all glues created equal?

I had always assumed that glues were pretty much all the same. Gradually, like most of you know, I found out that there are wood glues, glues for leather, ceramics, glass and anything else you can think to glue together. Often, I’ve used the wrong glue on something and of course, it didn’t hold. Or, it held for a while, got wet and separated. I’ve also tried to stick sticky pads on dusty or greasy glass or walls for holiday decorations and either an hour or a day later I find the stuff on the floor.

Flexi-Felt D5006 3″ x 3″ dark adhesive felt pads

From these experiences, I leaned some very valuable lessons.
1. All glues are not created equal. You must buy the right glue for the right usage.
2. Some glues are designed to take a pulling force (the guy with the hardhat hanging from a steel beam) and some glues are designed to take shear force (glued felt pads on chair legs and someone sitting in the chair is pushing back from a table).
3. The surface that the glue is being applied to must be clean and have no oil on its surface. I know to use peanut butter to take off glue but didn’t realize it was because the oil in the peanut butter dissolved the glue.
4. I’ve bought various floor protectors and found some that had adhesive strips. The strip doesn’t hold to the felt or to the bottom of the chair leg. I’ve bought various felt with glue on the back. Most of them either don’t hold, hold a bit then slide off and glue goes on the floor or stay on but the felt gets paper thin very quickly.
5. When I tried the Flexi-Felt floor protectors I discovered that the glue that’s used is designed for shear force which is the right glue for this type of product. This glue also won’t let go if it gets wet.

Now when I buy glue I make sure to use the right one for what I intend to glue together. For floor protection, I found the best are Flexi-Felt floor protectors.

Take the Flexi-Felt challenge. Stick two together and try to pull them apart.

Protection Against the Delta Variant

With a 4th wave of the Covid-19 Delta variant in progress it’s important to ensure that sneeze guards are in place at all entrances, reception areas, offices, cafeterias, between chairs, desks etc. where social distancing cannot be maintained and anywhere else where people must be protected but cannot maintain social distancing. Those areas that were missed last time must have sneeze guards to prevent this more dangerous Delta variant from spreading.

Experts are saying the following:

Able to out-compete all other strains of COVID-19, the Delta variant is the strongest variant right now. Experts say it’s over  50% more contagious than the original strain of the novel coronavirus.

It is the most lethal of the variants.

If you aren’t vaccinated and you catch the Delta variant, you are more likely to be hospitalized than if you catch the original strain of COVID-19. 

This indicates that it’s doubly important to ensure that sneeze guards are in place to protect staff and visitors. IEG have pre-cut sneeze guards that can be hung from the ceiling or placed on tabletops. They also do custom sneeze guards. Contact them now to have your sneeze guards in place as soon as possible.

Tabletop sneeze guard with hole to pass papers

Moving into a Dorm Room or Apartment

Going back to university or college requires a number of preparations. The biggest one is probably moving into either a dorm room or apartment on or near campus. It often entails getting and moving furniture as well as all the stuff that you’ll need throughout the school year. Many places ask for a security deposit to ensure that if they don’t get back the accommodations in the same condition as when they rented it out to you, they’ll keep the security deposit. One way to make sure that you get that deposit back requires only a small investment in floor protection. Adhesive felt pads can be used on the bottom of all the furniture being placed on the floor, but if you are also placing heavy objects or things that could scratch the surface of counter tops etc. the adhesive felt pads can protect those too.

Moving Kit

Flexi-Felt has a moving kit available that has various sizes of adhesive felt pads. The moving kit has 12 sets of D5007 (96 of the 15/16” square pads), 2 D5006 3” x 3” pads, 2 strips of D5004 ¾” x 4” pads, 1 D5003 (10 of the ¾” pads) and 1 D5001 (4 of the 1.5” pads). With these various shapes and sizes, you can cover most of the furniture that you may need to do to protect your floors. Right now, the moving kit is on sale at the amazing price of $27.29. You can buy it with an over 37% savings. Regular $43.41.

Silver Mop Pro Special Cleaning Kit

Don’t forget a cleaning kit that can be used not only before you move in but all year round. The Silver Mop Pro with its two types of pads can clean floors walls, ceilings and more. The pads can be washed in the washing machine, let to air dry, and can be re-used over and over again. The Clear Clean Pro floor cleaner is great for wood surfaces but can also be used on other surfaces and is environmentally friendly. Flexi-Felt have a cleaning kit that is currently on special. This kit comes with a 16.5″ (42cm) Silver Mop Pro, 5 pads (3 soft for light cleaning and dusting and 2 for heavier cleaning), a 32oz (946ml) spray bottle of Clear Clean Pro and a 32oz of concentrate Clear Clean Pro that makes 8 additional bottles.  The special cleaning kit was especially put together for those moving and it’s a great value at $59.98 (over $82 of product in the kit).

Also, don’t forget things like hand towels and cloths for cleaning and wiping down such as cloth chamois. IEG, creators of the Flexi-Felt’s, also sells these products and they are on sale right now

Be prepared for  moving day with floor protectors and a cleaning kit of mop, mop pads and floor cleaner with refills.  See them all as well as colorful absorbent hand towels and cloth chamois at

EcoShelf Locker Organizer

Tired of buying locker shelves that break within a few weeks? Well, the answer is the EcoShelf. It’s made of wood and is installed in less than a minute with no tools or glue. Just place the two supports in the locker and the shelves between them at the height that you want. Don’t like the choice of heights? Turn the supports upside down and get different heights. Place the shelves so that you can put shoes or boots at the bottom of the locker, binders, or books on the shelf for easy and quick access between classes. Then on the top shelf place a basketball, laptop, tablet, or anything else that you are storing in your locker. This still leaves room at the front of the locker for tall objects like a hockey stick, racket, baseball bat, etc. and you can still hang a coat, sweater, or other clothes on the hooks provided with the locker.

Think that its’ too skinny to be very good? Tests showed that the EcoShelf can support up to 450 lbs. That means that it can support of weigh of everything that your kids will put on it as well as their own weight if they decide to step on a shelf. What other locker organizer shelf can do that?

Since it’s made of wood, after it’s reached the point that it can no longer be used, the wood can be disposed of in a manner that is earth friendly.

Still not convinced. Then see the video of William trying to use his locker without the EcoShelf and with the EcoShelf. Eco-Shelf locker organizer – YouTube

Is Your Deck or Patio Being Damaged by Patio Furniture?

Now that our outdoors are our new living spaces for the summer, we find that we use them more and more than our interior spaces. Many people are discovering that with this additional usage, their patio furniture is starting to damage their decks or patios. This can lead to costly repairs and flooring or decking that can quickly look bad.

Model D6050 for Narrow Rectangular Chair Legs

Products such as the Flexi-Felt model D6050 was designed and made specifically for the newer outdoor furniture with narrow legs that are ½” x 1-1/2”. They are a plastic piece with felt on the bottom that just slips onto the bottom of these types of furniture chair legs. A durable, easy solution for rectangular, narrow furniture legs.

A Variety of Brown Adhesive Felt Pads

For other types of furniture legs there is a whole range of adhesive felt pads that can be used as is or cut to any style of furniture foot. Since Flexi-Felt’s manufacturing process puts the glue in the felt as well as on the surface, the felt will not separate from the glue when it’s wet. It just won’t slide as easily across the floor. Once dry, it will again slide easily across the floor.

There are many floor protection products on the market, but many cannot be used outdoors because they cannot be exposed to moisture. Remember Flexi-Felt when you are shopping for quality floor protection that can be used outdoors.

Get Your Sneeze Guards Now

I received a call this morning from a school asking for a quote on custom sneeze guards. They are restarting classes in two weeks which hit home, that kids are going back to attending class in schools this year (significantly less virtual learning than last year). This means that schools must put the necessary safeguards in place to protect all students from the Covid-19 and its’ variants. Whether its at the front offices, in the cafeteria, nurse’s office or any other locations where sneeze guards should be placed, they need to be ordered now because it takes time to make and ship them to the various schools.

There are two types of sneeze guards, hanging sneeze guards that usually hang from an acoustic tile ceiling structure, and sneeze guards that sit on flat surfaces such as desks or tables. The hanging sneeze guards are made of a thinner material due to their weight. Suspended ceiling structures are not designed to support large weights and we do not want the ceiling to fall from the weight of the sneeze guards. The ceiling sneeze guards are hung using chains. The height of the ceiling determines the lengths of chains that support the sneeze guards. Tabletop sneeze guards have feet to support them. The size and quantity of the feet are determined by the size of the sneeze guards. The wider the sneeze guards, the more feet are required to support them. Custom sneeze guards are also available such as sneeze guards that form an X and are placed on a round table. This allows four people to sit at a round table and still be protected. Surprisingly, there are also rolling sneeze guards for teachers who may want that versatile protection in their classroom. Holes can be cut in the sneeze guards for the passing of papers as seen in the picture below.

Small quantities of sneeze guards can be shipped in a thin box by regular means. Larger quantities of sneeze guards must be shipped on a skid. Sneeze guards that are larger than 46” x 40” cannot be stacked on a skid. Instead, special supports must be built on the skid so that the sneeze guards can be shipped vertically instead of horizontally making this a more costly shipping option. Sneeze guards can be as wide as 92 inches and as high as 48” (excluding the chains). Sneeze guards that large are more prone to damage during shipping than smaller sizes because they are difficult to load and unload from trucks.

If you aren’t sure of what sneeze guards you need to purchase, simply do a sketch of the area that needs sneeze guards with the dimensions and experts can determine the best solution for you.

Don’t wait until the students are in school to buy the sneeze guards. At that time manufacturers may be very busy doing other orders. Do it now so that all the protections on in place for when students return to class. 

Desk top sneeze guard with hole to pass papers through

The NEW Black Model for Swivel Feet

This model is great for swivel feet on school chairs and desks, but did you know that it also works great on other furniture with swivel feet. It works on kitchen chairs and tables, on adjustable restaurant tables with swivel feet etc.

The beige model # is 6325 and the NEW black model is 6326. Both models can also come with an adaptor that can be installed on wooden chairs.  This is done frequently in senior residences where the patrons have a hard time moving their chairs or require assistance to move their chairs. In this instance the felt pads allow for easy movement and the rubber makes it a very durable solution. The black is a good match for medium to dark woods so that it is less visible than the beige model.

It’s great on black or dark furniture. A durable product from our commercial line of floor protectors. 

Flooring Trends

Some of you may be salvaging your wood floor that’s been under carpet for years or installing one of the many new flooring products. The trend this year is to install pine or bamboo floors. Whether it’s wide planks, narrow planks or anything in between, you’ll find that these soft woods will indent and scratch more easily than some of the harder woods or laminates. Once your new floor is installed you must make sure that you’re protecting your investment. How do you do this?

Do an inventory of the furniture you plan on placing on the floor and determine how often it’ll be moved. What type of material and how big of a surface will be sitting on the floor? If it’s a round sold base that you never plan on moving then you can probably just place it on the floor. However, if it has small plastic feet or you plan on moving it on a regular basis then you should consider floor protection. Does your sofa, couch, love seat or armchair have small legs? Will it be moved or stay in one place for a long time? Do you have teenage kids or people who tend to throw themselves on the furniture rather than sit on it? If you don’t want the furniture to move consider floor protection that is also grippers. This will prevent the furniture from moving and hitting the wall and possibly damaging it. For anything that will move get quality floor protection that you won’t have to constantly replace.

If you have ceramic floors or are living in a condo, floor protection is also necessary to cut down on the noise produced from moving furniture. There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a program or talk and especially sleep and be disturbed by moving furniture. Putting floor protection on your furniture ensures that your family, and in the case of a condo, neighbors will be happy with you.


It’s hard to believe but next month the kids will be heading back to school. There is so much to do in the next month. Trying to enjoy the summer and taking summer trips where possible but there’s also that list of things that you need to get for your kids so that they are ready when school starts again.

Like most parents you have to get school supplies and clothes for the kids. That is a lot of work, time, and money. Make one thing a little easier for you and order their locker organizer now so that you aren’t rushing for it at the last minute. The EcoShelf locker organizer is installed in seconds and made to last so that you won’t have to buy another one during their high school years. It will save you time and money during your kids next several school years. It also doesn’t require any tools to install.

A great buy and it will help your kids throughout their school years by helping them to keep their locker organized.

Beautiful Hand Towels in 5 Colors

Everyone needs hand towels at one time or another. Hand towels change colors from frequent washings, they get stained, shrink, and just get ratty. Or maybe, like me, you like to change the color of your hand towels depending on the time of year or your mood to refresh a bathroom. It is a great low-cost solution to redecorating without spending a lot of money.

One of 5 beautiful hand towels

There are so many types of hand towels these days that it is hard to know what to buy. What you want to do with them will depend on the hand towel that you buy. I like them to be pretty but also to really dry your hands quickly. Most people, and I won’t name who they are, will quickly wash their hands and just pat them on the towel to dry. They then leave with damp and still wet hands.

IEG, the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors are now offering hand towels that are ultra-absorbent. One towel can hold an amazing 3.5 cups of fluid. I tried it so I know. The towel is made of 100% Microfiber, which makes it soft to the touch when you are wiping your hands. Since its 30” x 16” you can use it not only as a hand towel but as a towel to dry small children, pets or even your car. They are available in five colors, blue, pink, green, brown and my favorite purple. Right now, they are on sale at a special offer of buy 4 and get 1 free.

Your floor deserves more.