Flooring Trends

Some of you may be salvaging your wood floor that’s been under carpet for years or installing one of the many new flooring products. The trend this year is to install pine or bamboo floors. Whether it’s wide planks, narrow planks or anything in between, you’ll find that these soft woods will indent and scratch more easily than some of the harder woods or laminates. Once your new floor is installed you must make sure that you’re protecting your investment. How do you do this?

Do an inventory of the furniture you plan on placing on the floor and determine how often it’ll be moved. What type of material and how big of a surface will be sitting on the floor? If it’s a round sold base that you never plan on moving then you can probably just place it on the floor. However, if it has small plastic feet or you plan on moving it on a regular basis then you should consider floor protection. Does your sofa, couch, love seat or armchair have small legs? Will it be moved or stay in one place for a long time? Do you have teenage kids or people who tend to throw themselves on the furniture rather than sit on it? If you don’t want the furniture to move consider floor protection that is also grippers. This will prevent the furniture from moving and hitting the wall and possibly damaging it. For anything that will move get quality floor protection that you won’t have to constantly replace.

If you have ceramic floors or are living in a condo, floor protection is also necessary to cut down on the noise produced from moving furniture. There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a program or talk and especially sleep and be disturbed by moving furniture. Putting floor protection on your furniture ensures that your family, and in the case of a condo, neighbors will be happy with you.


It’s hard to believe but next month the kids will be heading back to school. There is so much to do in the next month. Trying to enjoy the summer and taking summer trips where possible but there’s also that list of things that you need to get for your kids so that they are ready when school starts again.

Like most parents you have to get school supplies and clothes for the kids. That is a lot of work, time, and money. Make one thing a little easier for you and order their locker organizer now so that you aren’t rushing for it at the last minute. The EcoShelf locker organizer is installed in seconds and made to last so that you won’t have to buy another one during their high school years. It will save you time and money during your kids next several school years. It also doesn’t require any tools to install.

A great buy and it will help your kids throughout their school years by helping them to keep their locker organized.

Beautiful Hand Towels in 5 Colors

Everyone needs hand towels at one time or another. Hand towels change colors from frequent washings, they get stained, shrink, and just get ratty. Or maybe, like me, you like to change the color of your hand towels depending on the time of year or your mood to refresh a bathroom. It is a great low-cost solution to redecorating without spending a lot of money.

One of 5 beautiful hand towels

There are so many types of hand towels these days that it is hard to know what to buy. What you want to do with them will depend on the hand towel that you buy. I like them to be pretty but also to really dry your hands quickly. Most people, and I won’t name who they are, will quickly wash their hands and just pat them on the towel to dry. They then leave with damp and still wet hands.

IEG, the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors are now offering hand towels that are ultra-absorbent. One towel can hold an amazing 3.5 cups of fluid. I tried it so I know. The towel is made of 100% Microfiber, which makes it soft to the touch when you are wiping your hands. Since its 30” x 16” you can use it not only as a hand towel but as a towel to dry small children, pets or even your car. They are available in five colors, blue, pink, green, brown and my favorite purple. Right now, they are on sale at a special offer of buy 4 and get 1 free.

Not All Caster Wheels are Created Equal

I know. I bet you’re wondering what I am talking about. I recently learned that not all caster wheels are made the same. I’m not just talking about the obvious difference which is that some have an axle in the middle of the wheel with a bracket over it. I’m talking about the regular caster wheels that you have on casters of office chairs (see the picture on the right). There’re usually two wheels that make up these casters with a cover or fender like a bike wheel has. I learned that they’re not all made flat so that you have a flat smooth surface that rolls over the floor. Apparently, some manufacturers make them with an edge which makes un-molding the wheels much easier during manufacturing. However, once installed on a chair, the chair is actually rolling on edges and not flat surfaces. Think of what this is doing to your floors.

If your floors are getting quickly damaged it may not be just the standard hard nylon caster wheel causing the damage, but the edge that the wheels are riding on. What can you do about this? Flexi-Felt has Caster Covers which help protect floors from hard flat nylon wheels but unfortunately, they don’t help those with the edge. The edge ends up cutting the Caster Cover. Just goes to show you what it can do to floors. So, if you have chairs with these types of wheels, the only option is to replace the entire caster. If you go with new hard nylon casters, make sure to use the Caster Cover to protect the floor from the nylon wheel.


Both holidays are coming up fast and this year many of us will finally be able to have family over to celebrate Canada Day in Canada and the 4th of July in the USA. Before your company comes over it’s important to put floor protectors on your furniture.

Many of you did renovations during the Covid. You either changed carpet for wood flooring or refinished existing flooring. In either case, now is the time to protect that investment before you receive company.

There are many floor protection products on the market but if you don’t want them falling off, slipping off or flattening in a short amount of time go with the quality Flexi-Felt brand of floor protectors. Get the clear sleeves if you don’t want to use a product with glue.

Flexi-Felt’s Clear Sleeve Floor Protector

If you don’t mind putting glue on the bottom of the furniture, go with their adhesive felt pads.

Flexi-Felt’s Adhesive Felt Pads

Both will protect floors from damage and silence the sound of furniture when it moves. Order your Flexi-Felt floor protectors NOW. It’s not after your company leaves and your floors are damage that you should think of floor protection.

Absorbent cloth chamois

Need a good cloth that is very absorbent? Then reach for a cloth chamois. It can absorb up to 12 times its weight or up to 28 fl. oz. IEG, the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors currently have a cloth chamois on sale where if you buy 4, you get the 5th one free, and they are large. The chamois is 19” x 22” so it can wipe a lot of water off your vehicle, boat, or RV without any problems.

Cloth Chamois 19″ x 22″

You can use the cloth chamois to pick up spills, to wash large surfaces or cut it into smaller cloths and use it in the kitchen, workshop, garage or at the campground. It is made of viscose fibers so it is easy to clean. Just rinse and hang it to dry.

This is a limited time offer so take advantage of it while you can. You can never have too many cloths chamois. It is advertised in their Feature section. While there check out the other great items on sale, including the adhesive felt pad floor protector kits.


More and more companies are looking at being more environmentally responsible. One easy way of doing that is to change their lighting from incandescent to LED. One of the companies that has already done that is IEG, the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors as well as the manufacturers of sneeze guards, EcoShelf locker shelves etc. IEG replaced all of the incandescent lighting for LED’s throughout their facility.

They found that the LED’s were 75% more energy efficient, last longer, generate less heat and what is really great is that they provide excellent directional lighting. They are also more affordable than they use to be in the early years of LED’s. The nice thing is that they are now available in models that look identical to the regular lighting found in offices, work shops and even manufacturing plants/warehouses.

Since they last longer it means that less LED’s end up being thrown away (they are starting programs in various countries to recycle LED’s).

The lower energy usage reduces the negative impact on the environment and results in a significant drop in building operational costs. That is being environmentally responsible and saving money.


The past 15 month battle with the Covid-19 has been very difficult but with PPE’s, sneeze guards, social distancing and vaccines we are finally winning. In many parts of the world schools have reopened or are reopening. Parents and children everywhere are extremely happy that things are returning to a new normal.

With the reopening of schools, it is important to continue our protective measures and if sneeze guards are missing, they should be installed because even after the Covid -19 is eliminated chances are that other viruses will come along. Examples of that are the common cold and the new flu strains that we see every year. IEG.co, the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors can provide standard tabletop or hanging sneeze guards but can also custom make sneeze guards for a clients’ specific needs.

Reopening of schools also brings back the issue of noise in classrooms. Flexi-Felt’s commercial line of protectors have been installed in classrooms for over 15 years to reduce the noise when chairs and tables are being moved as well as protecting classroom floors which resulted in reduced maintenance costs. There are models to fit all the different types and sizes of chair and table legs that are found in classrooms. If you are not sure what model you need, do not hesitate to contact them. They can also provide a sample for you to try in a classroom.

The series 6100 for angled tube ended chair legs.

Finally, there are the lockers themselves. Children, especially high school kids have a lot of stuff in their lockers such as books, binders, clothes, sports equipment and perhaps even laptops and mobile phones. It is really difficult to keep the locker organized without some sort of shelves or locker organizer. I am sure that there are many people that have bought the shelves on sale in retail stores or online and have had the shelves break within weeks and even days. Again IEG.co, the creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors came up with some easy to install (needs no tools), very strong shelving that can be installed within one minute and withstands kids stepping on them. They are called the EcoShelf and there are 2 shelf and 3 shelf models. The shelves can be placed at various heights to accommodate boots, basket balls, binders, books, their lunch (bet you thought I was going to continue with the “B’s”). There are 2 shelf sizes that will fit most school lockers. Be sure to measure the locker before ordering. Schools interested in doing a large number of lockers can get volume pricing. Contact IEG for pricing and availability. Order early to be sure that they are in place for the start of the fall semester.

The EcoShelf two shelf model 2212

Remember everyone: Stay Safe, Keep Your Distance, and Follow Local Protocols

Sneeze Guards During Covid 19 and Beyond

Covid 19 has brought about several changes to average people in the world, namely masks, face shields, social distancing and sneeze guards. A number of studies have been carried out to see how each of these products is effective. First, we will start with the studies on coughs and sneezes. This is something I never really thought about before Covid and in a way it’s a little disgusting to know but here goes:

A cough can travel as fast as 50 mph (over 80km/h) and can expel almost 3,000 droplets in just one cough. By the way, the droplets are made up of mucus, phlegm and other wonderful substances that come out of us and carry viruses, germs etc. (I told you it was disgusting).

A sneeze is even faster because when we sneeze it can come out at a speed of up to 100mph (over 160 km/h). It can expel up to 100,000 droplets or 33 times more mucus, phlegm etc. than a cough. Those are a lot of germs and viruses that are flying around when we sneeze.
Masks, face shields and social distancing are all good at preventing us from inhaling the droplets. Some are better than others. When social distancing cannot be achieved such as at a pharmacy, at the bank with the teller, with the cashier at the grocery store, receptionist, or employees that work side by side etc. the solution is sneeze guards.

Sneeze guards are most effective when used alongside other proven methods including enhanced cleaning and good hygiene practices. You want to clean those sneeze guards at the end of the day (I hate to think of what might be on them after many people have been by and spoke, coughed, or sneezed). Make sure to use the appropriate cleaning products when cleaning them, wear a mask and gloves and dispose of everything and wash your hands once you are done cleaning the sneeze guards.

I read that apparently one germ can multiply more than 8,000,000 times in a single day. This is why sneeze guards are so useful for protection against sneezes. They help to protect you from Covid but also from the flu and perhaps even the common cold.

You can choose from plexiglass or sneeze guards constructed of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is harder to scratch and provides excellent resistance for long term use. It can be leaned on and won’t break as easily as plexiglass, but both provide good protection against germs and viruses.

There are many manufacturers of sneeze guards and some companies have had to recreate themselves to survive the economic impact of closed businesses. One of those manufacturers is IEG, creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors who also manufacture sleds and toboggans. They have a CNC machine and took advantage of it to begin manufacturing sneeze guards. They already offered the hands free for health door openers and with their 3D printer they also began manufacturing face shields. By doing this they provide essential equipment to the market and are able to survive the economic downturn.

If you still don’t have sneeze guards but are thinking of getting them, you should. Even if the Covid is significantly reduced or eliminated, sneeze guards will remain in place to protect clients and employees from other viruses and germs. It is the new normal.

Are face shields necessary during the Covid 19?

We all know that we should wear a mask when we cannot maintain social distancing during the Covid 19 but do we really need to wear a face shield?

There are varying opinions but I found this information regarding face shields. “The face shield offers some benefits because it covers the entire face, the eyes in particular, whereas a mask will only cover the mouth and the nose,” said Dr. Loureen Downes, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Florida Gulf Coast University.

Face shields can also be easily cleaned. Their disadvantage is that you cannot store them in a purse or pocket.

Don’t know where to find them? IEG, creators of the Flexi-Felt floor protectors now sells face shields, sneeze guards and hands free door openers.

Your floor deserves more.