No noise, no scratches, no problems...GUARANTEED.

New models for rolling office furniture

We are please to show you our fantastic new floor protector for casters the patent pending Caster-Cover heat shrink model now available in bulk or blister packaged for retail.  You no longer need to buy expensive wheel replacements or large floor mats.

You can see it in action here
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New models for home and office

Tired of retail stick felts that just don't work, we have the solution with the Flexi-Felt Clear. It is totally impossible to remove the felt from the sleeve even if you use PLIERS. Due to popular demand we now have the incredible quality and softness of our industrial models that you have trusted for years in a new clear home and office format. For more information see our clear home and office model section. Flexi-Felt Clear, the clear solution to floor protection.
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Classroom noise reduction

We have tested the Flexi-Felt® classroom noise reduction capabilities by using a sound meter. On average, the Flexi-Felt® reduced the noise of a 25-student classroom by over 90%. Studies have shown that children learn best in a silent environment. Teachers will also appreciate not having to raise their voices over the chair movement noise.
Listen to the difference Flexi-Felt makes on a chair
Listen to the difference Flexi-Felt makes on a table
Listen to the Flexi-Felt in a whole CLASSROOM
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Flooring protection

Watch the video showing the Flexi-Felt Ultimate in action.
Read our new Flexi-Felt Ultimate flyer with a lifetime warranty against removal.

The Flexi-Felt® furniture glide is simply the best flooring protection available due to its patented design. The Flexi-Felt® increases the contact surface area, thus reducing friction. Because the Flexi-Felt® is always flat on the floor, there is no premature wear on the wool pad, which also means no premature wear on your floors! Our custom wool blend felt is simply the softest felt material for flooring protection.
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The Flexi-Felt® chair leg cover is a green choice when it comes to reducing noise and protecting your floors since it is made with a non-allergenic natural rubber with our wool blend felt. It is much more compact than the nylon felt tennis balls (3 times less material) and lasts up to 15 times longer. So, in fact, over a 10-year period the Flexi-Felt® will use up 45 times LESS landfill space than tennis balls.


Did you know that as many as 12% of children suffer from asthma and that the leading causes of asthma attacks are airborn allergens? Did you know that a tennis ball can hold large amounts of dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen, bacteria and other allergens? The Flexi-Felt® chair leg cover has been tested by the Guthrie Institute with regard to latex allergens. The allergenic latex protein remained non-detectable as seen by these results. Our rubber material is subjected to a heating process that destroys the allergenic protein involved in latex allergies


We have tested the Flexi-Felt® chair leg cover simulating a 400lb person. After simulating the typical chair movements during a typical school day for 5 years, we noticed that the Flexi-Felt® was still good to go. We then simulated a more typical 160lb adolescent and proved that the Flexi-Felt® outlasts tennis balls 15 to 1. The main difference is that the Flexi-Felt® is the only classroom chair glide cover that has quality and durabilty specifically designed into the product.
We created the Flexi-Felt® furniture glide based upon the feedback we received from teachers and principals with regard to the tennis balls. Here are the requirements they set forth for creating a new type of chair leg cover:

  • Must be durable (lasts at least twice as long as a tennis ball)
  • Must offer great classroom noise reduction; must not fall off
  • Must blend well with decor (not a yellow eye sore)
  • Must not be attractive to children (unlike a toy)
  • Must be a compact shape in order for chairs to be stacked properly; should not gather dust like tennis balls
  • Should be environmentally friendly: non toxic; non allergenic
  • Must be easy to install (no adhesives)
  • Must protect flooring; must fit various types of furniture

With all the requirements noted, we set forth and designed the Flexi-Felt®. Since one of the requirements was a compact shape, it was impossible to have a one-size-fits-all furniture leg glide. We had to design a few models that fit various categories of furniture footings. After selling these for a few years, we received great feedback from teachers and principals stating that they loved the Flexi-Felt® for classroom noise reduction. Still, they found it difficult to identify which model they required. Following this comment, we created a model selection video so that our clients can visually identify the proper model. We now have a furniture leg glide that fills every requirement set forth by school officials. Due to popular demand from teachers and principals who also use our products at home, we created a clear and smaller model for residential use. It is simply the best option available for protecting hardwood floors. It has the same high quality, wool blend felt as the institutional models with a transparent sleeve to match any decor. You may contact us for special requirements or if you need help to ascertain your choice.
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