No noise, no scratches, no problems...GUARANTEED.

EcoShelf Frequently Asked Questions

Does the EcoShelf  system really work?

The EcoShelf  locker shelving system is guaranteed for 5 years against pretty much anything when installed properly. This is the last locker shelf you will ever buy.

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How long does the EcoShelf  last?

The EcoShelf  is guaranteed for 5 years. If, during the five years after your purchase, the EcoShelf  is found to be defective, we will replace it free of charge.

Do you have a model for my home closet or cupboard?

We are pleased to say that we can now custom built the perfect EcoShelf to help you organize pretty much any closed space.  Simply go to the product menu and choose the type you are looking for.

Do the EcoShelf  and SimpliciT furniture come in other colors?

Currently the EcoShelf and SimpliciT furniture line only come in natural wood.  We will have many finishes available in the weeks to come.

How do I choose a model?

If it's for your locker, you simply need to measure the interior locker width and order the matching model. If it's for a closet or under your sink, you'll need to measure carefully the width and depth of the space keeping in mind that the EcoShelf needs to rest upon the side walls of your closet space. It's not free standing so you have to measure the full width of the space, wall to wall. You'll also need to figure out the height of the highest shelf and how many shelves you'd like. Then you simply input that in the custom shelving builder wizard and you'll receive the perfect EcoShelf for your space.

How do I install the EcoShelf?

The installation is very easy, simply lean an upright support on the left and the other on the right side walls, then wedge one of the shelves in the middle of the supports.  Once that shelf is in place and the two upright supports are held tightly against the wall you may proceed in wedging in the other shelves, finishing with the top shelf.