No noise, no scratches, no problems...GUARANTEED.

Flexi-Felt® Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Flexi-Felt® furniture leg glides really work?

The Flexi-Felt®  commercial furniture leg glides are guaranteed to work for 5 years. Not only will they protect your flooring and save you thousands of dollars on floor maintenance, but will also reduce classroom furniture noise by as much as 90%.

Don’t take our word for it. Look at what people have to say or try a classroom trial risk free.

How long do the Flexi-Felt® furniture leg glides last?

The Flexi-Felt® commercial furniture leg covers are guaranteed for 5 years. If, during the five years after your purchase, the Flexi-Felt® are found to be defective or if the felt is worn off under normal usage, we will replace them free of charge.

Do you have a model for my home furniture?

We are proud to announce that we do. After 3 years of research and development, we found a solution which satisfies all our requirements and passed all our stringent quality and durability tests.

To the hundreds of teachers and principals who have demanded a Flexi-Felt® for home use, we say: “We now have the perfect solution: Flexi-Felt® Clear.” Not only is the Flexi-Felt® Clear made with the same high quality, very soft wool blend felt, which means it will be extremely soft even on your most delicate hardwood floors, but the unique flexible transparent sleeve also protects your furniture from dings of vacuum cleaners without masking the inherent beauty of your furniture.

You will also appreciate the fact that they are very easy to install and require no damaging adhesives, screws or any tools. Find out more about the Flexi-Felt® Clear and see why it is the best solution available at the section of our site dedicated to the Flexi-Felt® Clear.

Do the Flexi-Felt® chair leg covers come in other colors?

Currently the Flexi-Felt are available in beige and dark brown wool blend felt and the Flexi-Felt Clear are transparent. Some grippers pads, for those who don't want their furniture to move, are also now available. Some of the more popular commercial models are available in black. We do offer choices of colors for larger orders (minimum 10,000 units). Please contact us to discuss your color requirements.

How do I choose a model?

You must first identify your furniture leg type. You need to consider the type of furniture, the size of the chair leg and the type of footing. We made the selection process simple. Follow the wizard and identify the model you need.

How do I install the Flexi-Felt® on my furniture?

The installation varies based on the type of furniture leg tip you have. We created 30-second installation videos that show exactly how to quickly and effortlessly install the Flexi-Felt®. They are located in the video section of our sites.

Do the Flexi-Felt® chair leg covers reduce classroom furniture noise?

They do so very well since the Flexi-Felt® furniture leg glides were specifically designed to protect floors and to reduce noise caused by chair movement by 90%. We tested the Flexi-Felt® classroom noise reduction capabilities by using a Decibel meter to measure our chair leg cover's effectiveness in a classroom. We simply measured the noise generated by a classroom of children getting up at recess and then made the same measurements after the Flexi-Felt® were installed. We repeated the same tests again. But this time we measured the sound difference from the room under the classroom. This is something many teachers and principals at schools of two-story buildings can appreciate since you are not only subjected to noises of your own classroom but also of the one above. On average the Flexi-Felt® reduced the noise of a 25-student classroom by over 15 decibels! (See the tests results). This is the difference between the noise of a large diesel truck and a small car cruising along. Studies have shown that children learn best in a quiet environment. Teachers also appreciate not having to raise their voices over the chair movement noise. They are also referred by many hearing associations as a product of choice with regards to noise reduction. It is critical for people with hearing problems to have as little background noise as possible in order to hear what is being said. We have a few demonstrative videos showing the drastic difference the use of the Flexi-Felt® makes.

How well do the Flexi-Felt® leg glides protect my flooring?

We are the only ones to guarantee that we will reduce your floor maintenance costs by well over 50%. The Flexi-Felt® is simply the best flooring protection available because of its patented design. The Flexi-Felt® increases the contact surface area, thus reducing friction. Because the Flexi-Felt® is always flat on the floor, there is no premature wear on the felt pad and no premature wear on you floors. Finally the wool blend felt is simply the softest felt material to protect your floors. The Flexi-Felt® works well on any smooth flooring material such as hardwood, laminates, institutional tiles, painted floors, gym rubberized flooring, etc.

Can I get better pricing for large orders?

Many of our distributors offer volume rebates. We highly encourage schools or school boards to group together in order to get better pricing. Please contact your local distributor to see what they have to offer.

Is there a warranty on the Flexi-Felt® furniture leg glides?

Yes there is a 5-year limited warranty on the commercial models on VCT flooring. No other competitive product even comes close.

I'm not sure I will like the Flexi-Felt®. Can I try a class first to see if I like them before placing a larger order?

We have a trial available for institutional customers.  We call it the NO RISK 30 day trial. Order a box and if you are not completely satisfied within 30 days, we will take it back at no cost to you, including shipping. Please feel free to read our testimonials section as well.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Our distributors typically ship within 2 to 7 business days. Residential orders ship within 2 to 10 business days from our warehouse.

I have a different furniture leg type that doesn't accommodate any current model. Do you do custom models?

Yes, we do custom designs. However, we require a minimum quantity of 10,000 units to do so, otherwise the unit cost to the client would be very prohibitive. Note that we add new models to our product line every year in order to accommodate as many different furniture types as possible.

I have students allergic to latex. Will the Flexi-Felt® be an issue?

The Flexi-Felt® have been tested by the Guthrie Institute with regard to latex allergens. They were non-detectable as seen by these results. Our rubber passes through a heating process that destroys the allergenic protein involved in latex allergies.

It seems more expensive than tennis balls. Why would I replace tennis balls with the Flexi-Felt®?

We guarantee that we are the least costly option on the market simply because our products are so durable. You may get a free report to show you how much money your current solution is actually costing you.

What happens if the model doesn’t fit?

It is important that you choose the right model. If you read the documentation and you are still not sure which model to choose, you should get one of our model selection templates to ensure you have the right model. If, despite all this, you end up with a model that doesn't fit, please contact us.

Why can't I buy the beige commercial models directly from you?

The Flexi-Felt® product line has grown throughout the years to a point where we cannot directly support the calls and after sales service directly in different markets. We pick and choose our valued distributors to offer you the best front line service possible.

When paying using PAYPAL, will I be charged in US dollars or Canadian dollars?

PAYPAL will charge you in US dollars even if you live in Canada.