No noise, no scratches, no problems...GUARANTEED.

IEG is committed to developing creative and functional products that improve everyday life.

From our classic Flexi-Felt floor protectors to our EcoShelf locker organizers, our inventions simply make life easier.

Our team is always working to bring you new ideas and creations—from paper to product.


We want our employees to thrive in their roles and continue to imagine solutions to everyday challenges. IEG team members are encouraged to attend seminars, share their progress, and take time to learn new skills and develop their creative talents.

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Meet Pierre Desmarais, inventor and founder of IEG. Pierre has been developing elegant and original designs since 2004. An engineer with a big heart, his designs are often inspired by his family. For example, IEG’s Flexi-Felt floor protectors were originally created to improve the learning environment for his Autistic son. People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be oversensitive to noise and bright colours. The harsh sounds of scraping chairs and desks made it difficult for Pierre’s son to concentrate. His teachers’ solution, neon yellow tennis balls attached to classroom furniture, created a visual distraction for the young student. Pierre eliminated both diversions with Flexi-Felt—a floor and furniture protector made of soft but extremely durable wool blend felt that allows desks and chairs to slide effortlessly and silently across all types of floors. The product is available in many different models with multiple sleeve-types that blend seamlessly with all varieties of furniture.  Today, Flexi-Felt is in over 250,000 classrooms and offices worldwide—protecting floors and improving learning and working environments. 

Pierre’s family continues to motivate him to make life better for people everywhere.  His other son's, cluttered high school locker sparked the idea for EcoShelf—an extremely sturdy and easy-to-install locker organizer. EcoShelf has been making homework easy to find for Name and simplifying students’ lives since its 2016 release.
Simply put, Pierre’s family-first attitude has driven him to create exciting new products that everyone can easily use every day.