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EcoShelf customer testimonials

We’ve tried the EcoShelf locker shelf for our sons lockers. They could never find anything in their lockers in the past. This year with the EcoShelf, they're both organized and now find what they need for class quickly. Also, no more wet shoes on top of books. The shoes are on the bottom and the books, binders etc. on the shelves above. 

Peter, Seattle, WA

I tried the EcoShelf under me kitchen sink. I'm not afraid to open this cupboard door now and I can find my cleaners quickly. I've been looking for a solution to this messy problem for years. Thanks EcoShelf.

Kathy in Midland, ON

I love shoes. I buy lots of shoes but they ended up in a pile in my closet. When I wanted to wear a certain pair I had to dig for them. I ordered the EcoShelf for my closet and ordered 3 shelves. I wasn't sure how it would go in but it took me about a minute to install. It was much easier then some of the ones that you have to assemble and it takes an hour to put together. Then you discover you put one piece on backwards, you have to undo it and start over again. With the EcoShelf I didn't even need to use a screwdriver. The biggest job was deciding where to put what shoes where. But the final result. AMAZING. I can see my shoes and boots easily now - and I found a bit more room for new shoes....time to go shopping.

Carol in Gatineau, QC

EcoShelf is a great product. Had a tiny cupboard that didn't hold anything and so wasn't being used. Now it contains all my small pots and containers. Great Idea!

Mary in Jamestown,  VA

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