No noise, no scratches, no problems...GUARANTEED.

So you want to save!
Here's how:
By installing the best floor protection, the Flexi-Felt.  With the Flexi-felt you will drastically extend your floors' service life and reduce up to 90% of your floor refinishing costs in rooms where furniture is damaging your floors.  There are Flexi-Felt floor protectors for every type of furniture you can imagine.  See the videos below that showcase a few of our innovative floor protectors, and discover how easily you can save money.  You will love our new Caster-Cover heat shrink model for office and computer lab chairs.  In today's economy you can't afford not to try our free samples.  Just email or call us and we'll send you the perfect free sample to try.

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The Caster-Cover® for office chairs and computer labs.

The Flexi-Felt® Clear floor protection solution.
Protect those floors today so you can save on maintenance and replacement costs for years to come.