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Caster-Cover Model 6501 - Heat shrink model

You simply slide the sleeves onto each wheel of the caster chair. Make sure the sleeves are centered properly on the wheel before applying heat. Once the Caster-Cover sleeves are all properly centered, apply heat evenly around the wheels until the Caster-Cover molds the wheels tightly. Once all the sleeves have shrunk onto the wheels, let them cool for 10 minutes and then enjoy your furniture again.
Models 6500 Caster-Cover series installation video

In order to properly install the Flexi-Felt® Clear floor protector, you must first ensure that the furniture footing is clean of any debris or dirt. If you are installing the Flexi-Felt adhesive pad model 5000, you will need to thoroughly clean and dry the contact surface in order to ensure the best possible bond.

Model 5000 - Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Pads

For the 5000 series adhesive felt floor protector,  cut it to the required size and shape. Peel off the non-stick backing and apply the felt to the furniture footing. Once you completed the four legs, you should heat activate them to get an even better bonding. To heat activate the Flexi-Felt, simply apply a hot cloth iron set to cotton for 30 seconds. After completing the process on all four legs, place the furniture back on the floor and let the weight of the chair set the adhesive overnight. The next day the adhesive should be firmly set.
Models 5000 series Flexi-Felt Pads installation video

Model 6815 fitting many shapes ranging from 5/8” (15mm) to 3/4” (19mm)

For the 6815 model, you simply need to push it onto the chair leg.

Model 6820 fitting many shapes ranging from 3/4” (19mm) to 1” (25mm).

For the 6820 model, for round legs, simply push it onto the chair footing. For square legs, you should use a twisting motion as you push the unit down.

Model 6825 and 6835

The 6825 and 6835 models require a different technique. If they are fitted on a round leg, simply push them over the leg. For a square or odd shape leg, you can roll the Flexi-Felt sleeve down to its base, apply the rolled Flexi-Felt to the footing of the chair leg, then unroll it onto the leg. The Flexi-Felt® will mould perfectly to the furniture leg.
Models 6835 and 6825 - Large Flexi-Felt Clear models installation videos

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