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Flexi-Felt® and Allergies

Did you know that as many as 12% of children suffer from asthma and that the leading causes of asthma attacks are airborn allergens? Did you know that a tennis ball can hold large amounts of dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen, bacteria and other allergens?

The Flexi-Felt® chair leg cover has been tested by the Guthrie Institute with regard to latex allergens. The allergenic latex protein remained non-detectable as seen by these results (see result). Our rubber material is subjected to a heating process that destroys the allergenic protein involved in latex allergies.

As for dust and other airborn allergens, the Flexi-Felt® beats tennis balls hands down. The Flexi-Felt's® flat felt design keeps dust from accumulating under the felt pad and the compact rubber shape is not prone to dust and dirt accumulation like tennis balls.