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Benefits of Being a Retailer

You can offer the best in floor maintenance as a guaranteed sale.  That means there is no restocking fee ever for the Flexi-Felt line.  So you will never be stuck with dead inventory.  There is also no minimum order.  So you don't need to stock millions of units to start offering your clients the best floor protection.  To help you get started we will supply you with many samples for your clients and our innovative video display will basically explain the product line to your clients for you.  Once you have the display and samples we will also list you on our website to drive more traffic to your location.  If you wish to become a retailer please fill in this form

Benefits of being a distributor

We support our distributors in many ways. We stand behind our 30 day trial classroom. We noticed that sometimes clients are sceptical with regards to the Flexi-Felt® quality so to alleviate any disbelief, we offer them a no risk trial. In effect, if any client were to return these trials we would cover any shipping costs as well as the units themselves. Rest assured that because we offer such a high quality product no one has ever returned the thousands of trial classrooms offered by our distributors. On the contrary, they gladly paid for that one and bought many more. Once they try and see the quality, the sale is easy.

We would provide your roaming sales team with samples to leave at schools. This has proven to be the best strategy, as your clients will appreciate the chance to try out the Flexi-Felt®. When your clients compare the Flexi-Felt® chair glide covers to other products they might be using, the solution becomes very obvious and the Flexi-Felt® wins hands down every time.

We also promote our distributors at trade shows when possible. You see we would assist you at your trade shows by providing free samples and one of our customer support specialist to massively increase traffic to your booth by providing a highly desirable product to your clients at your show. Simply submit the following PDF form to us by fax as early as possible.

If you have any questions about becoming a distributor or retailer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I hope to count you as a valued distributor of our Flexi-Felt® brand of product.


Pierre Desmarais
VP of Sales - Innovation Engineering Group
Creators of the Flexi-Felt®
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