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6815 - Flexi-Felt® Clear 5/8" white

6815 - Flexi-Felt® Clear 5/8" white

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PROTECTS SURFACES – Flexi-Felt Clear works great to protect your hardwood, laminate and tile surfaces from everyday wear and tear.
DURABLE – our patented bond, and natural wool felt pads are guaranteed to last 15X longer than synthetic pads.
DISCREET – each Flexi-Felt Clear sleeve has a snug and discreet fit over your furniture's feet, without adhering to your furniture.
SIZE – fits 5/8" (15mm) diameter. 
INCLUDES – 4 Flexi-Felt Clear pads.
BEST USED ON – thin bar stools, thin chair legs, and thin table legs.

The Flexi-Felt Clear is an innovative and discreet solution to protect your floors and furniture. The clear sleeve can easily fit over any shape of leg and can be used on a variety of different furniture pieces – the felt pad is permanently bonded to the clear sleeve, which gives you a non-adhesive alternative to floor protection. Check out how great Flexi-Felt Clear is

Flexi-Felt Clear pads are made with a natural wool blend, which is soft enough to protect your floors, and 15 times more durable than synthetic pads. This pack come with four Flexi-Felt Clear pads that fit 5/8" (15mm) diameter and can stretch to fit any leg shape. 

This model is best used on thin bar stools, thin chair legs, and thin table legs. 
If you spend $60.00 or more, you can get a free installation tool that works with any Flexi-Felt Clear products. Simply add the installation tool to your cart and enter the coupon code “FREETOOL” at checkout. 

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