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Industrial Strengh Flexi-Felt Adhesive Pads floor protectors

5200 - Floor Protector House Pack

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Flexi-Felt Floor Protection Kit House Pack - Dark

The House Pack is an ideal solution for protecting floors in your house. It is packed with a combination of Flexi-Felt pads in shapes and sizes calculated to fit various kinds of furniture of a typical household. The pads are made of high quality wool blend felt on industrial strength adhesive. They are easy to install and require no tools. You just peel them off the backing and press them onto the furniture. The weight of the furniture makes them stick even firmer as time wears on. They are more endurable and significantly more cost-efficient in the long run compared with other alternatives on the market. You get the best value with your purchase.

The House Pack is packed with four sets of four 1.5" industrial strength adhesive felt disks; four sets of eight 1" industrial strength adhesive felt disks; three sets of ten 3/4" industrial strength adhesive felt disks; two strips of 3/4"" x 4" industrial strength adhesive felts; two strips of 1" x 36" industrial strength adhesive felts; and four 3" x 3" industrial strength adhesive felt pads.