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Microfibre cloth for Magic Ice Resurfacer

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Price: $19.99
Multi-use: this cloth is perfectly sized and can be used to replace the cloth on your Rink Wizard 24” Magic Ice Resurfacer – purchase 2 to fit the 48” Magic Ice Resurfacer. 
Soft and durable: these machine washable cloths are soft enough to clean any surface, without leaving scratches, and the microfibre gives a more thorough clean than any paper towel or cotton rag. 
Wet or dry: Use it at home or in the office for your cleaning needs. Our microfibre cloth can be used to wash and dry – your car, your floors, essentially any hard surface. 
Ultra-absorbent: each cloth can hold up to 250 ml of water! Use this cloth to clean up spills without waste – every cloth is machine washable. 
Use less water: With your Magic Ice Resurfacer, every cloth will evenly distribute water for a glass-like ice surface every time.