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Magic Ice Resurfacer

Magic Ice Resurfacer

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IEG's Magic Ice Resurfacer was created to be an easy solution to maintain your backyard ice rink. The lightweight ice rink resurfacer is very easy to use and will give you the best results for maintaining your at home ice rink all season long.

No assembly or tools required. Simply attach your ice rink resurfacer to your garden hose, place the microfibre cloth flat on the ice, and drag the tool around the ice in an even pattern. The microfibre attachment will evenly distribute the water, adding a thin layer that will freeze much quicker than dumping buckets of water on the ice surface or spraying the hose directly on the ice. Using the ice resurfacer will also allow you to use less water and better control the water distribution when maintaining your ice rink. 

You get the added benefit of a smooth surface using our ice resurfacer. No matter what you are using your rink for, hockey practice, family time outside, or simply for a leisurely skate, you will always have a smooth surface to skate on.  

Spend less time maintaining your back yard ice rink and spend more time skating – It’s so easy, even your kids can do it! 

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