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2312 EcoShelf Triple Locker Shelf - Small

2312 EcoShelf Triple Locker Shelf - Small

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The Triple EcoShelf System

Fits lockers between 9" and 12"

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 Made of solid wood and can hold up to 450lbs! 
CUSTOMIZABLE: 34” side supports and multiple height options to create three locker shelves.  
EASY TO USE: No tool installation. Simply slide and snap. 
QUALITY: North American made and comes with a 5 year ‘Kid Proof’ warranty once installed. 
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Biodegradable wood design. Longer lasting than plastic. 


Do your kids struggle to keep their school locker organized? After they shove all their things into their locker is it impossible to find anything? Have you already tried plastic shelves that broke in just a few days? EcoShelf is the perfect solution. 

The triple shelf EcoShelf is durable, configurable, and incredibly strong. It can hold up to 450lbs! Best of all your kids can install it in seconds by themselves without any tools, hardware, or adhesives. 

EcoShelf comes with 34” high side supports that have multiple height options to create two locker shelves. Need more space on the bottom of the locker for boots? No problem. Need space for binders and books to stand upright? No problem. EcoShelf helps you maximize locker space and comes with a perfect fit to every locker guarantee. 

The EcoShelf’s minimalist biodegradable wood design is environmentally friendly but still durable enough to stand up to anything kids can throw at it. We are so confident in the strength of the shelf; we offer a 5 year ‘Kid Proof’ warranty once installed. 

To install the EcoShelf, simply place the supports on either side of the inside of the locker and insert the first shelf on an angle at the desired height. Then simply snap into place. Repeat for the second shelf and voila, you have the perfect locker storage system to fit your child’s needs. Pro tip - You can flip the supports upside down to get different shelf height configurations if you want to have more or less space on the bottom shelf. 

Attention teachers or school administrators, if you are looking for custom sizing or are looking to place a large order, please contact us at 1-866-554-7687 and we will be happy to help.