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7505 - Mop Pads 16.5" (42cm)

3 Microfiber Pads 16.5" (42cm)

The Silver Mop Pro pads are made from microfibers. Microfiber contains microscopic fibers 100 times thinner than a human hair. Microfibers have sharp edges because they are split during their production. This allows these incredibly thin yet strong fibers to penetrate the smallest holes and crevices of the surface to be cleaned and trap dust and dirt. It does wonders with oil and grease due to its polymer composition.

The superior cleaning ability of microfibers will allow you to reduce your need for harsh chemicals and detergents by up to 80%.

You can keep your hardwood floors clean with a quick spin with a moist micro fiber mop instead of using harsh throw-away chemical cleaning pads. When the microfiber mop is dirty, simply wash the pad in the laundry and it’s like having a new mop every time.


See it in action HERE


Comes with 2 soft hardwood pads and 1 twist pad.



3 Microfiber Pads
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5012 - Four 2.5" Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Disks5012D - 4 disques de feutres adhésifs foncés 2.5”
5012 - Four 2.5" Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt Disks

4 Disks of 2" Industrial Strength Adhesive Felt

Our industrial felt adhesive pad is made with the same wool felt blend as the clear Flexi-Felt.  Why is it different from the typical retail store pads?  Well, we don’t use the cheap double face tape that everyone else uses.  In fact we don’t use tape at all.  We have a special patent pending process using an industrial strength adhesive that, once heat activated, will resist to over 100 lb of sheer force per square inch, up to 25 times more than the competition!  What that means to you is, they stay on and protect your beautiful hardwood floors.

They are very easy to use: you simply cut the pad to the desired shape and peel off the backing.  You won’t have to wrestle to peel the backing off, as it has been designed with an easy-to-peel backing.   Simply remove the backing and apply the felt to the clean surface.  By sitting on your chair you will increase the bond which is now up to 5 times better than that of any synthetic double face tape sticky pad.

Here is something unique for heavy duty applications:  once in place, heat activate the Flexi-Felt with a hot iron set on polyester.  Apply pressure for 30 to 60 seconds  Then let it cool and bond over night and you no longer have to worry about scratching your floors.

Use the Flexi-Felt to protect your flooring and your furniture as well as making your furniture much easier to move around.  The Flexi-Felt also eliminates the scraping chair noises, especially on tiles.  It is in fact part of our slogan: No Scratches, No Noise, No Problem… Guaranteed.

Please see our video demonstrating how the Flexi-Felt pads works

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