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Flexi-Felt Model 6331

6331 Flexi-Felt

Available in pack of 4 units or box of 100 units.

Designed specifically to fit thick swivel footing (1/2" elevation or more), the patented 6331 Flexi-Felt®model is one of the most durable models. In our durability tests, it outlasted tennis balls 45 to 1. It is the perfect solution for high schools and universities that want to drastically reduce their floor maintenance costs or reduce noise furniture movement noise in the classrooms.

Like all other Flexi-Felt® products, the 6331 model is made from our wool blend felt. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to tennis balls and other synthetic products.

Once the unit is installed properly it’s very difficult, almost impossible, for children to remove them.

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6331 box of 100
6331 box of 100
In stock
Box of 100 Flexi-Felt®
Price: $208.29
6331 pack of 4
6331 pack of 4
Out of stock
Price: $9.35